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Wearing Your Pandana

Please view our PANDANA VIDEO PAGE showing a variety of ways to wear your Pandana.

Pandanas are super easy to use.  Basically, it's a super-soft, seamless, stretch tube of technical wicking fabric that can be used in a variety of different ways.  Its simplicity is what makes it so versatile.  Pandanas are a stylish and comfortable way to protect yourself from the elements any time of year.

Pandanas can be worn under a helmet, too! 

The Pandana can be a:

o Neck Gator
o Neckerchief
o Foulard
o Cravat
o Scarf
o Facemask
o Headband
o Hairband
o Earwarmer
o Balaclava
o Ascot
o Wristband

Maybe you'll discover some new ways to use your Pandana that we haven't even thought of!

Please view our PANDANA VIDEO PAGE showing a variety of ways to use your Pandana.

UV Protection

Pandanas can offer you UV protection!  We've had them UV tested according to AATCC TM 183.  When worn folded (double thickness fabric), they offer sun protection of UPF 50+.

Caring for Your Pandana

Caring for Your Pandana

Pandanas are very easy to care for.  Just wash them like you would any fine garment. 
A little extra care will keep your Pandana going strong for a very long time!

o Machine Wash Cold (With normal laundry detergent)
o Line Dry (Please don't put them in the hot dryer)
o Do Not Use Bleach (This could fade the colors and graphics)
o Do Not Iron (Heat can damage your Pandana)

Pandanas don't like to go in the dryer!  While nothing will happen immediately if you dry your Pandana in the dryer, the heat will drastically diminish the durability of the stretch fibers and can fade the colors and graphics.  Pandanas dry very quickly anyway, so we recommend that you only line dry.